New Moon – March 24
~ Full Moon – April 7 ~

Learn your plant allies, and integrate them into your daily life. Let research narrow the field, then let experience and enjoyment be your guide. Whether through foods, teas, tinctures, or oils, certain plants offer special benefits for your individual biochemistry. Try not to overload your body while you are learning, lest you become unable to sense the sometimes subtle alignments.

Baker or dressmaker, shopkeeper or gardener, if you feel inspired to create or distribute natural goods, the time is propitious for you to embrace your passion. Do not neglect, however, the formalities required for a strong foundation. Also do not neglect to express tangible gratitude to the providing earth.

With the right partner, great good can be achieved. Mutual care and the timely fulfillment of clearly expressed expectations lead to success. Only partner with someone who understands this.

A magical life is a matter of intention, then a matter of reality. Approach everyday tasks with a sense of service, add beauty and meaning to your environment, and connect with other living powers, whether tree or cat. Soon you will see how the world hums and flows, and you will see how you can make your world grow.

Inanna(Hover over or Click on Prayer Card to see back.)

Sumerian Goddess of Fertility

Make magic in partnership with natural forces.

Inanna’s stories, rites, and prayers are among the first existent writings, pressed into clay over five thousand years ago. She rules love and sexuality, war and the arts of civilization, prosperity and fertility. She is the storehouse, where grain awaits transformation into bread or the seed of new life. She is the rain, the power that sprouts the grain. She is the spirit for battle, she is the desire for sex, she is the potent bond of love. She descends into the underworld and returns to life from death. Her titles include Lady of Infinite Variety and Amazement of the Land.

Her complexity is not contradiction, for the root of all these powers is in the magic and multiplicity of nature, in the forces and urges that engender and maintain an abundant life. In Mesopotamia where the art of agriculture began, Inanna’s body is one with the arable land. She is the source of all riches. But she needs stimulation from her beloved to bring them forth.

In the card image, based upon a 22nd century BCE stone seal, Inanna sits within a bower beneath her emblem, an eight petal rosette. She wears the crown of the plain, the crown of divinity, formed of layered animal horns. She welcomes her lover, a crowned and sceptered god emerging from the sacred tree. Her desire calls him, that he may join with her in the rite of sacred marriage. To plough her body as the farmer ploughs the land, to excite her fertility and her pleasure, to bring abundance to the land. In the sacred marriage, primal forces are channeled through honored traditions to serve the life of the land and her people. In her turn, Inanna bestows power on her beloved, sharing with him the authority to order the land and lead the people to greater prosperity.

New Moon Inanna Meditation

By Nancy Antenucci

Inanna Meditation is this month’s New Moon Meditation created by Nancy Antenucci. It is an experiential journey with this month’s Honored Goddess, often mirroring ideas from this month’s Spread (linked below). We encourage Lodge Members to journey with the Goddess through the meditation, then share your experience on our Facebook Group Page.

New Moon Inanna Spread

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Two-page Spread

Single page Spread

Lodge members ( will receive the meditation and Spread by email at the New Moon. We hope the meditation is a three-dimensional journey of the Spread.