What is the Dark Goddess Lodge?

The Dark Goddess Tarot is the inspiration and source for the Lodge. This deck features 78 powerful female figures of magic, mystery, sex and death, sovereignty and shadow. The Lodge is a cyber sanctuary of the collective hearts and minds of diviners, creatives, seekers and teachers. We come together with various beliefs and tarot abilities to honor, study and celebrate the 78 Dark Goddesses. Over the next six and a half years, we follow the rhythm of each lunar cycle with a specific Goddess and Her unique expression of powerful, effective Love.

Each Goddess is introduced through her own Tarot Spread, created specifically to illustrate her aspects. A 10-15 minute audio journey reflects the spread in a three-dimensional way for the New Moon / Dark Moon. The next two weeks are times of contemplation, reflection and action. At the Full Moon, Lodge members are encouraged to gather on the private web page for an online group ritual and discussion. Hopefully these explorations – alone and together – will nurture new ideas and tools for each Lodge member.

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Offerings to ISHTAR – December 2016

New Moon ~ November 29
Full Moon ~ December 13

It is not the time to be cautious or timid. Make the bold step. Put strength and focus behind your action and find success.

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  • Access to a monthly guided meditation podcast by Nancy Antenucci
  • Goddess-centric tarot spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and others
  • Access to discussion pages to share your insights and learn from other Lodge members’ experiences
  • Daily infusions of the Goddess Wisdom thru Facebook and Twitter
  • The opportunity to learn with hands-on ritual leading
  • Effective Community work such as raising monies for the Syrian refugees
  • All for a $5 / month (or $40 yearly) subscription

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