What is the Dark Goddess Lodge?

The Dark Goddess Tarot is the inspiration and source for the Lodge. This deck features 78 powerful female figures of magic, mystery, sex and death, sovereignty and shadow. The Lodge is a cyber sanctuary of the collective hearts and minds of diviners, creatives, seekers and teachers. We come together with various beliefs and tarot abilities to honor, study and celebrate the 78 Dark Goddesses. Over the next six and a half years, we follow the rhythm of each lunar cycle with a specific Goddess and Her unique expression of powerful, effective Love.

Each Goddess is introduced through her own Tarot Spread, created specifically to illustrate her aspects. A 10-15 minute audio journey reflects the spread in a three-dimensional way for the New Moon / Dark Moon. The next two weeks are times of contemplation, reflection and action. At the Full Moon, Lodge members are encouraged to gather on the private web page for an online group ritual and discussion. Hopefully these explorations – alone and together – will nurture new ideas and tools for each Lodge member.

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Offerings to FORTUNA – October 2016

New Moon ~ September 30
Full Moon ~ October 15

Roll with the punches. If things are falling down, use the momentum to help you spring back. Someone trying to land on their feet and stabilize immediately is not back in action sooner than someone who takes the tumble with knowledge and grace. A fall is part of the path, and the path is ever-changing.

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As a Lodge Member you will receive:

  • Access to a monthly guided meditation podcast by Nancy Antenucci
  • Goddess-centric tarot spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and others
  • Access to discussion pages to share your insights and learn from other Lodge members’ experiences
  • Daily infusions of the Goddess Wisdom thru Facebook and Twitter
  • The opportunity to learn with hands-on ritual leading
  • Effective Community work such as raising monies for the Syrian refugees
  • All for a $5 / month (or $40 yearly) subscription

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Our Mission:

The Dark Goddess Lodge will be a cyber-sanctuary to

1) Explore the feminine aspects of love and power for present and future generations of seekers
2) To surface the energies of the Dark Goddess for the betterment of Earth and Her peoples
3) To develop effective leaders and magic needed for these times

There are two different kinds of rituals and spreads in dedication of the Goddess of the Month. First, at the New Moon/Dark Moon the dedication begins with a collaborative spread of the Lodge members.This ritual is a  led by two Lodge members and is accomplished thru chatting via Slack.  The next two weeks are times of contemplation. Shortly before the Full Moon, members will  receive a meditation audio that works in tandem with Ellen’s Goddess spread.  The second ritual is held during the Full Moon (or near). This video/podcast is led by Nancy Antenucci. We explore the Goddess spread, the meditation and any experiences of the honored Goddess within a sacred circle thru the Zoom.us website. Both the text/pictures of the New Moon and the podcast of the Full Moon are permanently in place for this Goddess for future viewings and additions.

Nancy AntenucciMagician and Guide – Nancy Antenucci

Nancy Antenucci (Between The Worlds LLC) is a seasoned tarot reader as well as a teacher of intuitive and creative strategies. Her book “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards” is a compilation of 25 years of hard-earned wisdom, practical know-how and unending passion of the creative unknown to her clients, students and colleagues. She is on the creative teams of other Tarot conferences such as the Readers Studio in New York (http://www.tarotschool.com) and the Bay Area Tarot Symposium called  BATS (www.dodivination.com/) as a presenter, staff, reader and performer. The Twin Cities Metro Magazine named her one of the Twin Cities’ best psychics.

She is the founder of a monthly experimental lab in St Paul called Twin Cities Tarot Collective Meetup and is loads of fun. She is also a co-director of theater and ritual for the Curious Order of the Arcana Arts with her talented cohorts Rhonda Lund and Dan Pelletier. They hope some day to present at the Edinborough Fringe Festival.



ellen-maman-brigitte2014-rsCreatrix and Lodestar – Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is the acclaimed, beloved novelist, Tarot writer & artist of several decks including Tarot of the Crone and the forthcoming Kali Tarot. 

“Tarot has always been intimately connected with spirituality and magic for me. In 1985 I attended a weeklong workshop on women’s spirituality. One morning in a trance journey, I stalked, killed, and skinned a leopard (to my conscious mind’s surprise and distaste). I dressed myself in her pelt and I became the leopard, and lived as she had in the forest until I died in turn. During the break afterward I saw someone had round cards. I asked to see them out of curiosity. It was the Motherpeace deck and the first card I turned over was the Magician, which shows a woman dressed in the skin of a leopard. The next day this same woman gave me my first reading, and the day after that she gave me my first deck of cards. ‘I wondered why I brought an extra deck. I think these are for you,’ she said.”

The Dark Goddess Tarot is a 78 card tarot deck with a goddess or mythical female figure depicted on each card. The structure is traditional although several cards have been renamed. Among these are Sovereignty (Emperor), Corruption (Devil), and Liberation (Judgment).



Melani WeberWebmistress and Charioteer – Melani Weber

A tarot collector and student of tarot since 1995, Melani is most interested in the intersection of tarot and other areas of study, such as psychology, mythology and religion. Though she has over 200 decks she does have a few favorites, which include: Bohemian Gothic, Deviant Moon, Druidcraft, Ma’at by Julie Cuccia-Watts, and the Minute Tarot by Robyn Tisch-Hollister.

Melani’s left brain passion lies in the world of computers.  Her latest projects involve creating websites for clients as diverse as churches, political campaigns, and teachers.


  1. I just joined–and am looking forward to this journey with you all. Thank you Ellen for your labors to bring this deck into existence. There is so much richness in the dark….

  2. Hi Deb,
    I agree….RICHNESS. I am so excited for this night of the first Full Moon Dark Goddess Lodge. Personally I have felt a huge shift as a worker and creator two years ago with the Mayan prophecy. I wonder now if the Dark Goddess Herselfs walked thru the door at that time. We are certainly feeling new shifts and energies now.


  3. I just joined the Dark Goddess Lodge. This tarot deck is one of my favorites. I own 50, but this one speaks to the Goddess that lies sleeping in my soul. The beautiful, colorful pictures of the Dark Goddess tarot draws one in, to contemplate the images on each card.
    I’m glad to be invited to explore the Dark Goddess with others.
    Blessings in this season of the Dark Goddess,
    Reverend Donna M. Swindells
    Fellowship of Isis

  4. chaliceflower

    I’m trying to access membership information so that I can cancel my membership. I keep getting “404 Error”. What’s going on? How do I cancel?

  5. Hi!! Did Melanine get in tough with you? She can help….


  6. Gale Hamby

    Just joined, very excited to explore! I had thec pleasure of meeting Ellen at Sacred Space earlier this month and taking classes with her, can’t wait to learn and share here as well 😄😄

  7. Diane Champigny

    I am honored to be a member of Dark Goddess Lodge. The Dark Goddess Tarot and Tarot of the Crone have become my daily companions. Very excited to be here!

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