New Moon – December 18
~ Full Moon – January 1 ~

Success comes from choosing love over power and gentleness over force.

Keep it simple. This shows authenticity, not lack of sophistication.

Enjoy all of life that you can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. Seek simple, everyday pleasures, not convoluted ones. Immerse yourself in a new environment so you can spend time just sensing, just being.

To recall a memory, think not about the details but about who you were then, how it felt to be you. Do not look at your life from the outside in. Life always comes from the inside out.

On a piece of papyrus or other special paper, scribe a fortune for your future self. Discover that a similar blessing was left to you in your past.

Tefnut(Hover over or Click on Prayer Card to see back.)

Egyptian Goddess of Dew and Rain

Renewal starts with simple pleasures.

Tefnut is the Egyptian goddess of moisture, of the rare and precious dew and rain. She is not the powerful Nile flood but a more intimate wetness. She rules personal moisture, she is the goddess of spit, tears, and lubrication. She is a goddess of pleasure and sweetness. Due to the lack of dogma in ancient Egyptian religion, many are the stories of her origin, but all agree Tefnut is the product of parthenogenesis from some form of bodily fluid, from the spit, tears, or semen of a god. With her consort Shu, god of the air, she initiates the sexual cycle of creation, and is the mother of Nut, the sky, and Geb, the earth. Clear water pours from her womb when she is pleased. Her priests pray to be purified by her sacred flow and be blessed by her power.

Tefnut wears the body of a woman and the head of a lion. She is called the Eyes of Ra, both the left and the right for the moon and the sun. Upon her head she wears the solar disk connecting her to the power of the sun and the uraeus, the cobra who represents sovereignty and divinity. She carries the ankh for the breath of life and the scepter for power. Tefnut’s scepter echoes the shape of the papyrus flowers, another symbol of life and fertility. Papyrus is used to make so much of what is useful for her people, from boats and sails to ropes and paper. Its use as a writing medium helps ancient lives speak today.

Like other leonine goddesses, Tefnut can display a wrathful aspect. When she is angry, she withdraws the moisture that brings pleasure, eases hardship, and keeps life sweet. Yet more often she shows her people a tender face, and the beautiful results of the gentle application of great power.

New Moon Tefnut Meditation

By Nancy Antenucci

Tefnut Meditation is this month’s New Moon Meditation created by Nancy Antenucci. It is an experiential journey with this month’s Honored Goddess, often mirroring ideas from this month’s Spread (linked below). We encourage Lodge Members to journey with the Goddess through the meditation, then share your experience during the Full Moon Ritual Chat (see below).

New Moon Tefnut Spread

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Two-page Spread

Single page Spread

Lodge members ( will receive the meditation and Spread by email at the New Moon. We hope the meditation is a three-dimensional journey of the Spread.

Tefnut’s Full Moon Chat

Time: Join us on January 1, 2018 8:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada, note updated date), on the Dark Goddess Lodge Facebook page. We invite you to do the spread and talk about how Tefnut has made her presence felt this month, along with the visualization and any other inspirations and messages you’ve received from this month’s Honored Goddess. If you have trouble getting into the Lodge Facebook page the first time, friend Nancy, Ellen, or Melani on Facebook and message us to be added to the Lodge Facebook page.