New Moon – December 7
~ Full Moon – December 22 ~

Hang a horseshoe over the door to invoke the blessing of the goddess upon your movements throughout the day.

Make as much progress with the task ahead as you can today, and then tomorrow, until it is done. Prepare to move on to better things by clearing the road ahead.

When people who care for you are available to help you, let them. Have a plan and ask for small but specific commitments. Sometimes it takes a herd. And a herd needs a strong, sensitive, balanced leader. Especially when the herd is not of docile sheep but swift, spirited horses.

Prosperity means different things to different people. Know what it means to you. Be unashamed about what is enough. Be honorable about what is enough.

When you are offered it, enjoy your moment in the sun. Accept the accolades, take in the blessings, and store that sunshine. Let it give you strength as you go forward.

Epona(Hover over or Click on Prayer Card to see back.)

Celtic and Roman Goddess of Horses

Succeed on the strength of your alliances.

Epona (pronounced ay-pone-ah), the Great Mare, is the goddess of the horse. Her motto refers to the Celtic people’s alliance with the horse, a partnership which allows her people to successfully make their way across Europe to the Misty Isles, and to flourish wherever they find themselves. Horses add tremendous strength, maneuverability, and wealth to the tribe. They can be used for meat, milk, riding, and hauling. The Great Mare is the source of the fertility of the herd, and so Epona is also the source of the potency and prosperity of her people. As the goddess of plenty, she is often seen riding sidesaddle accompanied by her mares and foals, and carrying a basket of the common and wonderful apples that mean food and drink, sustenance and sweetness.

When Roman warriors arrive in Britain, they embrace Epona and build temples to
her, so impressed are they by the horsemanship of the Celtic people. Epona’s warriors are a true cavalry. They fight on horseback with spears and swords, man and animal as one, quite unlike other armies of the time that ride to battle but then dismount or remain in a chariot to fight. The horse is the Celt warrior’s greatest ally in war, partner in wealth, and friend for life.

Epona provides for her people in death as she does in life, for she is also the Night Mare. Her image is carved into gravestones, a prayer that she and her spirit horse carry one’s soul safely into the next world. Seers of the tribe receive the visions she brings back to the land of the living upon her return and upon their awakening. The Night Mare’s gift may show a path of good fortune, or inform a treatment of illness, or warn of danger, whatever is needed to sustain and increase the herd and the people who care for them.

New Moon Epona Meditation

By Nancy Antenucci

Epona Meditation is this month’s New Moon Meditation created by Nancy Antenucci. It is an experiential journey with this month’s Honored Goddess, often mirroring ideas from this month’s Spread (linked below). We encourage Lodge Members to journey with the Goddess through the meditation, then share your experience on our Facebook Group Page.

New Moon Epona Spread

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Two-page Spread

Single page Spread

Lodge members ( will receive the meditation and Spread by email at the New Moon. We hope the meditation is a three-dimensional journey of the Spread.

Epona’s New Moon Chat

Time: Join us on December 7, 2018 8:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada, note updated date), on the Dark Goddess Lodge Facebook page. We invite you to do the spread and talk about how Hel has made her presence felt to you, along with the visualization and any other inspirations and messages you’ve received from this month’s Honored Goddess. If you have trouble getting into the Lodge Facebook page the first time, friend Nancy, Ellen, or Melani on Facebook and message us to be added to the Lodge Facebook page.