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And I Lounged and Lay on Their Beds (For Qadesh)
When I went to that house of pleasure
I didn’t stay in the front rooms where they celebrate,
with some decorum, the accepted modes of love.

I went into the secret rooms
and lounged and lay on their beds.

I went into the secret rooms
considered shameful even to name.
But not shameful to me -because if they were,
what kind of poet, what kind of artist would I be?
I’d rather be an ascetic. That would be more in keeping,
much more in keeping with my poetry,
than for me to find pleasure in the commonplace rooms.
Constantine P. Cavafy

A prayer based on my CotD, Witch of Earth (Inanna).
“O Holy Inanna,
before whom stars and trees do bow
and for whom Earth unlocks Her gates;
align us with natural forces
that we may make fertile magic
to bring our glorious planet
back to full greenness.
Blessed be.”
By James Wells


My poem for Ishtar (VII Chariot)

To be influenced by the morning and evening star. The Lightbringer. Healer. It is your personality and soul in the tarot. Doubled. All duality is harnessed here.

To expertly handle two reins that must be held in concerted balance.
To move forward without wasted effort or movement.

Right…Ishtar. Willpower. Control. Victory. Cosmic Warrior.
Left…Ishtar. Intuition. Fertility. Sexuality. Goddess.

Wield each with confidence and a quirky boldness whispered through sweet lips.

Feel the urge forward with contact onto the bit. Round into it. Move with it. One and whole. The Divine Feminine.

The power within you, that you hold and control, is beyond imagination.
Seeking. Spiritual. Transformational. This journey is yours.

“Fortune favors the bold.”

By Rhonda Delaune Welch


XVII – Stars – Spider Woman

Mighty Spider Woman
Weaving Star and Sun
Weaving Earth and Sky
I come to you unraveled
I come to you from the furthest edge of weariness
May you repair me
May you weave me into wholeness again
Thank you for every new beginning
Thank you for thinking of beauty and weaving it into creation.
I devote myself to you this day
And I will remain your devoted daughter.

By Jennifer Badot


spider woman

you weave the world from thought
out of darkness you join light to life

your great web arcs above me
your shining lines reach through me

i am a drop of dew
a point of light

a meeting of your threads
an idea of your power

a blessed moment
in your creation