Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I join the Lodge?

A:  Go to the Join Now page and click on either the “Annual” or “Monthly” option at the bottom of the page.  Payment is made through PayPal.


Q: Who started the Lodge?

Nancy AntenucciMagician and Guide – Nancy Antenucci

Nancy Antenucci (Between The Worlds LLC) is a seasoned tarot reader as well as a teacher of intuitive and creative strategies. Her book “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards” is a compilation of 25 years of hard-earned wisdom, practical know-how and unending passion of the creative unknown to her clients, students and colleagues. She is on the creative teams of other Tarot conferences such as the Readers Studio in New York (http://www.tarotschool.com) and the Bay Area Tarot Symposium called  BATS (www.dodivination.com/) as a presenter, staff, reader and performer. The Twin Cities Metro Magazine named her one of the Twin Cities’ best psychics.

She is the founder of a monthly experimental lab in St Paul called Twin Cities Tarot Collective Meetup and is loads of fun. She is also a co-director of theater and ritual for the Curious Order of the Arcana Arts with her talented cohorts Rhonda Lund and Dan Pelletier. They hope some day to present at the Edinborough Fringe Festival.



ellen-maman-brigitte2014-rsCreatrix and Lodestar – Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is the acclaimed, beloved novelist, Tarot writer & artist of several decks including Tarot of the Crone and the forthcoming Kali Tarot. 

“Tarot has always been intimately connected with spirituality and magic for me. In 1985 I attended a weeklong workshop on women’s spirituality. One morning in a trance journey, I stalked, killed, and skinned a leopard (to my conscious mind’s surprise and distaste). I dressed myself in her pelt and I became the leopard, and lived as she had in the forest until I died in turn. During the break afterward I saw someone had round cards. I asked to see them out of curiosity. It was the Motherpeace deck and the first card I turned over was the Magician, which shows a woman dressed in the skin of a leopard. The next day this same woman gave me my first reading, and the day after that she gave me my first deck of cards. ‘I wondered why I brought an extra deck. I think these are for you,’ she said.”

The Dark Goddess Tarot is a 78 card tarot deck with a goddess or mythical female figure depicted on each card. The structure is traditional although several cards have been renamed. Among these are Sovereignty (Emperor), Corruption (Devil), and Liberation (Judgment).



Melani WeberWebmistress and Charioteer – Melani Weber

A tarot collector and student of tarot since 1995, Melani is most interested in the intersection of tarot and other areas of study, such as psychology, mythology and religion. Though she has over 200 decks she does have a few favorites, which include: Bohemian Gothic, Deviant Moon, Druidcraft, Ma’at by Julie Cuccia-Watts, and the Minute Tarot by Robyn Tisch-Hollister.

Melani’s left brain passion lies in the world of computers.  Her latest projects involve creating websites for clients as diverse as churches, political campaigns, and teachers.