About the Lodge

“Dark goddesses may be beautiful or horrible, loving or wicked. What they share are powers that are disturbing, or considered disturbing in female hands. These are the powers of suffering and shadow, of sex and sovereignty, of magic and mystery, of death, violence, and transformation. Dark Goddess Tarot invokes these goddesses, that their experience may provide strength and guidance in dark or difficult times.”


Ellen Lorenzi-Prince


Our Mission:

The Dark Goddess Lodge will be a cyber-sanctuary to

1) Explore the feminine aspects of love and power for present and future generations of seekers
2) To surface the energies of the Dark Goddess for the betterment of Earth and Her peoples
3) To develop effective leaders and magic needed for these times

The 78 powerful female figures of the Dark Goddess Tarot is the inspiration and source for the Lodge.

Our Lodge is a cyber sanctuary supporting the solo practitioner within a collective of diviners, creatives, seekers and teachers. We come together with various beliefs and tarot abilities to learn and draw from the wisdom of a specific Goddess within Her lunar cycle.

Each month, a different Goddess of these 78 is dedicated within the lodge.



The New Moon/Dark Moon introduces each Goddess through her own Tarot Spread, created specifically to illustrate her aspects. A 10-15 minute audio journey reflects the spread in a three-dimensional way.



The next two weeks are times of contemplation, when Lodge Members are encouraged to meditate, do a spread, journal, write poetry, sing and dance – whatever the Honored Goddess inspires them to do. At the Full Moon, Lodge members are invited through our own secret FB page for an online group ritual and discussion.