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XIII - Death - La Santa Muerte

Offerings to La Santa Muerte


La Santa Muerte Holy Death Powerful Queen You Hold All Lives In Cold Strong Hands

I Am Small and Yet I Ask

La Santissima Beloved Death Holy Mother Use Your Gift Protect Your Children See Justice Done

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If you are to prosper on this journey, you must face Death.
You must face her willingly, if you wish to know what lies beyond her gaze.
You must face her honestly, as her scythe will cut your illusions to shreds.
You must face her courageously, and offer respect despite your fears.
If you can face her thus, then you may beseech her for justice.
Beseech Death, who so often seems most unjust of all.

From she who holds worlds in her hands, notice may be hard to bear.
But for she who holds worlds in her hands, justice is a simple matter.
Your life has always belonged to her. So give up to her entirely.
Give her your concern, your struggle, your pain. Give it all to Death.
Place yourself in her hands and know that you have never left.
Your future, your past, your breath rising in this moment
Offer into the hands of La Muerte, La Santísima, Most Holy Death.
Her Blessing Be Upon You.

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